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The Foundation and Friends of the Long Hill Township Public Library is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that strives to build an endowment for the library. It is organized and operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes including, but not limited to, promoting and enabling the Long Hill Township Public Library to flourish.


Heather Gillis has served on the Foundation of the Long Hill Township Public Library since 2019. She spent three years as Treasurer before assuming the role of President in March, 2024. She lives in Millington with her husband and two sons. Heather is a believer in the importance of local libraries, which give every citizen equal access to a trove of information, imagination, and resources, as well as community programs and a community haven. She is thrilled to be a part of the Foundation to help support our local library. She enjoys traveling, tennis, and of course, reading!


Kimberly Celeste, Treasurer is a life-long resident of Long Hill Township. She grew up in Gillette and now lives in Millington with her husband and three daughters. She works part time as an administrative assistant at Tewksbury Kitchen & Bath and spends part of the year running the Annual Rummage Sale at All Saints’ Church in Millington. Kimberly is also a life-long patron of the Long Hill Public Library and served one
year of the Board of Trustees. She is an avid reader and a huge Stephen King fan. Libraries are more than books. They provide all kinds of informational and social services to the entire community, as well as preserving our history. Kimberly is excited to join the Foundation in supporting this important community resource.


Sally Semper is the President of the Board of Trustees of the Long Hill Township Public Library, and has been a Library trustee since 2012.
She loves that our Library has something educational and entertaining to offer to every member of our community.
Sally and her family have lived in the Millington section of Long Hill Township since 1996.


Kate, her husband, and her two young children have been frequent visitors to the library since moving to town seven years ago.  Aside from being patrons of the many wonderful children's programs Kate is able to manage her book addiction with the library's extensive collection.  She believes that local libraries are vital to communities like Long Hill and is so pleased to be able to contribute to the support of ours.
Kate holds a master's degree in school counseling and is the owner of Balboni College Advising.


Joan Fronapfel became a member of the Foundation and Friends of the Long Hill Township Public Library in February 2018 and is now Secretary for the Foundation.   Joan and her family have lived in Millington since 1994 and have been avid users of the services provided by the Library.  She and her husband, both now retirees and with more time to spend reading, are regular borrowers from the vast catalogue of available books.  They also take advantage of the free movies and special events presented by the Library and encourage friends and neighbors to do so also.  Joan strongly believes that a town without an active and vibrant library system is truly missing a most important way to support the culture and life of a community and residents who don’t use the library are certainly missing a valuable component of life in Long Hill Township.


Tom Parziale became a member of the Foundation of the Long Hill Township Public Library during November 2018.
Tom is a lifelong New Jersey resident. He and his wife have lived in Gillette since 1982. Both retired in 2016 and are proud grandparents. Tom worked on strategic projects for nearly 40 years as an IT manager at Prudential.

Tom views libraries as valuable physical and electronic forums for education, knowledge transfer and community service. The Long Hill library has evolved in to a key asset of the township. It is important that our library thrives for current and future generations. Tom is very happy to be a part of the group charged with this goal.


Caren Tolleth lives in Gillette with her husband and two young sons. She holds a Masters degree in Library and Information Science from Rutgers University and a BA in psychology from Mount Holyoke College. She has worked as a school library media specialist and as a youth services public librarian in New Jersey and Massachusetts. She enjoys working with children and teens to inspire life-long library users. Caren’s hobbies include horseback riding, skiing, scuba diving, and, of course, reading!


Lisa joined the Foundation as a trustee in September 2016. She became the Treasurer in 2017 and continued through 2020.  For the period 2021 through March 2024, Lisa was the President of the Foundation.  Lisa and her family have lived in the Millington section of Long Hill since 1994. She loves what the library has to offer – books, e-books, movies, activities, puzzle swaps as well as the social aspect.


Christine lives in Millington with her husband and three children. She joined the Foundation and Friends of the Long Hill Township Public Library in 2023, and is also on the Executive Board of the LHT PTO. She has been a frequent visitor to the library since her kids were toddlers, and appreciates the variety of programs the library offers to patrons. Her hobbies include playing tennis and managing her holds list on Libby, the library’s digital lending app.


Albie Ashbrook is the Interim Library Director at the Long Hill Library. Previously, Albie worked at the LHT Library as Asst. Director and as the Adult Services Librarian. Albie has worked in public libraries, academic libraries and school libraries. While her kids are mostly grown up now, Albie's fondest memories of their childhoods include lots and lots of reading.


Terry joined the Friends of the Long Hill Library in 2015 after she retired from teaching in the Long Hill schools.  She has lived in Gillette since 1980 and both of her sons attended the township schools.  She taught Reading and Language Arts and shared her love of reading and the importance of critical thinking skills with her students.  She supports the library programs and services that are offered to the Long Hill community and marvels at the library's evolution from the small building on Central Ave. to our current location as a community hub.

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