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“Fine libraries exist with public funds…but through private funds…they flourish!”


"We love the Long Hill library! The summer reading program and events are fantastic. It truly motivated my girls to have us read to them more this summer! We love everything the children’s room has to offer! I personally take advantage of the online catalog to reserve books and I love that convenience. I also frequented the library quite a bit this past fall and winter to study for an important exam and it was great to have as a quiet place to focus! Having the library as a study space option was crucial for me since I have young children at home which makes it anything but quiet! Also being open on Sundays (during the winter) was awesome!"


The Long Hill Library is the heart of our community. It is a rare thing - a place for people of all ages. It is important to my family, as a place to get books, but also a place to learn and do, by attending the various programs the Library offers. The Library is welcoming and we have made many friends there – both staff and other patrons. I feel like the Library is my second home!


Don't forget that when we had severe weather and people in town had no power, the LHT Library offered folks a place to go and warm up, charge their cell phones and use WIFI. Children could also read books and the library also showed children's movies. They are a valuable part of this township!


The Long Hill Library means so much to our family. My late mother-in-law, Mona Paul, moved to our town not knowing anyone. By volunteering at the library, she was able to meet so many people, enjoy the activities and it made her life whole. My husband and I are so grateful for the services provided during Hurricane Sandy. I still enjoy the free concerts and events as well. It’s truly a treasure for Long Hill.


We are so lucky to have the library as our community hub! In an age where people are disconnected and everything is online, it's nice to have a place where we can connect as a community. And of course, in a family of readers, I save a ton of money on books!

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